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Our Forest

Seeking the highest level for sustainable organic extraction.

Our Forests were certified as organic following a careful OMP (Organic Management Plan), in addition, we are within international standards. Through technology we have an online traceability system, guaranteeing the origin of the material. Our partners are trained and instructed in the entire process, we are able to produce in a sustainable extractive manner without any damage being caused to the soil or the ecosystems. We believe that the world can think and act much more consciously. That is why we operate a pilot program for Organic Certification and traceability to guarantee a true superfood.

Our Brazil Nut Trees

Castanheira do Brasil: grandiose, reaching between 98.5 feet and 164 feet in height and from 3.3 feet to 6.6 feet in diameter, it is one of the tallest species in the Amazon. Its trunk is straight and the branches are concentrated in the highest part of the tree. The bark is grayish, and the leaves, which are above the canopy of other trees, are 8 to 14 inch long.
The fruit of the chestnut takes more than a year to ripen, is about the size of a coconut and can weigh 4.4 pounds. The shell is very hard and contains between 8 and 24 seeds, which are the prized Brazil Nuts.
The Brazil nut is considered vulnerable by the World Union for Nature (IUCN) and, in Brazil, it appears on the list of endangered species by the Ministry of the Environment. The main cause for the risk of extinction is deforestation.
Our 3 forests with a total area of ​​10,213.908 ha, equivalent to


soccer fields, is the habitat for more than 3865 productive Brazil Nut trees.
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We have 100% organic certification in our production. WHY? Because it is the right way to cultivate the land and guarantee the two most important factors: FLAVOR AND QUALITY.
Our process is inspected from the forest to the processing base, obtaining Brazilian and international Organic certification.


The genetic modification process, which takes place in the laboratory, and normally mixes DNA from different species, creating combinations of plants, animals, bacteria and viral genes that cannot occur in nature or in the traditional crossing, makes a production that is not 100% natural. Unlike that, our products are 100% GMO FREE certified guaranteeing their origin and real health benefits.


We are approved and certified by regulatory agencies of organic food in Brazil, MAPA, ECOCERT and in the United States by the FDA following international standards of production and quality, guaranteeing safe and true food for your Health.