Frete Grátis para todo Brasil nas compras acima de R$ 100,00.
[insight_title sub_title_enable=”yes” separator_enable=”yes” title=”Welcome to Organik!” sub_title=”a little story about us” css=”.vc_custom_1477465254967{margin-top: 100px !important;margin-bottom: 113px !important;}”][insight_about image=”230″ carousel_images=”232,233,234,238,239,240″ title=”A FAMILY OWNED FARM” css=”.vc_custom_1477465391376{margin-bottom: 140px !important;}”]Our farm is a second-generation organic farm that was our parents, Mark & Renée Elliott’s dream to offer the best and healthiest range of organic foods available, promote health in the community and bring a sense of discovery and adventure into food shopping.

Visit our site for a complete list of fresh, organic fruit and vegetables we are offering.[/insight_about]

[insight_title separator_enable=”yes” title=”Why choose our healthy store?” css=”.vc_custom_1471248164446{margin-top: 100px !important;}”]
[insight_icon_boxes icon_lib=”linecons” element_tag=”h6″ title=”Eat More Healthfully. “]Obtaining the recommended daily fruits and vegetables.[/insight_icon_boxes][insight_icon_boxes icon_lib=”organik” icon_organik=”organik-lemon” element_tag=”h6″ title=”We Have Reputation.”]We have been growing organic produce for customers since 1976.[/insight_icon_boxes][insight_icon_boxes icon_lib=”organik” icon_organik=”organik-cucumber” element_tag=”h6″ title=”Fresh & Pesticide Free. “]We deliver organic pesticide-free and sustainably-grown produce.[/insight_icon_boxes]
[insight_icon_boxes style=”icon_on_right” icon_lib=”organik” icon_organik=”organik-broccoli” element_tag=”h6″ title=”No Commitment Required. “]We requires no commitment and allows you to cancel or suspend deliveries.[/insight_icon_boxes][insight_icon_boxes style=”icon_on_right” icon_lib=”organik” icon_organik=”organik-carrot” element_tag=”h6″ title=”Flexibility. “]Choose the delivery frequency that best fits your needs.[/insight_icon_boxes][insight_icon_boxes style=”icon_on_right” icon_lib=”organik” icon_organik=”organik-tomato” element_tag=”h6″ title=”Customization. “]Customize your standard delivery to exclude items you do not want.[/insight_icon_boxes]
[insight_title sub_title_enable=”yes” separator_enable=”yes” title=”Our farmers” sub_title=”we are brilliant farmers” css=”.vc_custom_1471248656207{margin-top: 75px !important;margin-bottom: 88px !important;}”]
[insight_team_member image=”207″ style=”” target=”” show_all_enable=”” name=”Michael Andrews” position=”” desc=”” link=”” facebook=”” twiter=”” google_plus=”” biography=”Born on the farm in Capay, Michael showed an early proficiency in the machine shop and is responsible for designing tools used on the farm today.” social_links=” facebook|# google-plus|# pinterest|# twitter|# “]
[insight_team_member image=”208″ style=”” target=”” show_all_enable=”” name=”Kathleen Barsotti” position=”” desc=”” link=”” facebook=”” twiter=”” google_plus=”” biography=”Born in Belmont, CA, Kathleen attended UC Riverside where she earned her B.S. in Agriculture. She is sole proprietor and manager of the farm.” social_links=” facebook|# google-plus|# pinterest|# twitter|# “]
[insight_team_member image=”209″ style=”” target=”” show_all_enable=”” name=”mark ronson” position=”” desc=”” link=”” facebook=”” twiter=”” google_plus=”” biography=”He has commitment to build a strong financial model for farmers to connect produce directly to consumers by strategically managing our current programs.” social_links=” facebook|# google-plus|# pinterest|# twitter|# “]
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Seu Carrinho

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